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Physique TV launches the first health and fitness channel

Shoufi Mafi in Arabic airs weekly on on Physique TV.

Health and fitness channel Physique TV announced its official launch today. The channel is available on the My-HD platform as well as on du and e-life networks. Claimed to be the only channel centred around health and fitness in the region, Physique TV offers a roster of shows covering healthy living.

Headquartered in Dubai, the channel plays out in HD from its fully integrated playout facility and studios in Al Ghusais.

Commenting on the channel’s content, Peter Einstein, General Manager of Physique TV said: “We produce about 25% of our content in-house with our own production team. The rest of it is acquired, and we have about 600 hours of content available. We have a production team of eight. Our production unit includes two studios with a 2500 sq.ft gym studio.

“Our mantra for the channel is ‘be your best’. In order to keep the viewers engaged we offer a good balance in terms of content with a sprinkling of entertainment shows and dramas alongside instructional programmes. The local content is carefully planned with gym and spa reviews in English and Arabic.”

The format of Physique TV includes a variety of entertaining, inspiring, instructional and informative shows. Exercise at home with Yoga Today and Crunch, get your adrenalin rush from some high octane action sport including MMA All Out and Maximum Rush and be inspired and entertained with fitness-oriented reality TV such as Love in the Wild, All the Right Moves and Push Girls. The channel also makes it easy to cook and eat healthily with an array of appetising ideas courtesy of Cooking with Siba and Week in a Day with Rachael Ray. The Arabic and English news roundup shows Shou Fee Ma Fee and What’s Up? keep you up to date with the latest health and lifestyle news including inspiring real life stories that motivate the audience to get fit while helping to make informed choices about diet, lifestyle and exercise routines.

Einstein explained that the channel adopts two main sources of revenue – advertisements and distributions. For advertisements, the channel is open to brands that associate themselves with healthy living and active lifestyle. Einstein also pointed out how insurance companies and corporates were supporting health and lifestyle campaigns and could not be ruled out as potential sponsors for the channel.

He added, “Technically we are very sound with a brand new channel management system and we are now ready for sponsorship opportunities. We provide advertisers with a diverse array of partnership opportunities, including product integration into the 25% of programmes that are produced in-house.

According to Einstein, marketing is a very crucial part of launching and promoting a channel. It includes social media campaigns among other initiatives such as engaging various entities to patronise the channel. Dubai Municipality has also joined hands with the Physique TV to support healthy lifestyle campaigns.