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Quicklink and Riedel announce Skype TX partnership

Richard Rees, Quicklink CEO.

Quicklink has announced the start of an on-going partnership with Riedel to support the Microsoft Skype TX solutions.

As part of the partnership, Quicklink will now provide support services to the existing Riedel STX-200 Skype TX customers. After-sales service such as hotline, hardware repairs in-warranty as well as out of warranty for the Skype STX-200 product will be handed over to Quicklink with immediate effect.

Commenting on the partnership, Richard Rees, Quicklink CEO stated: “This partnership marks an exciting time for both Riedel and Quicklink. Quicklink is committed to the support and continued development of the Skype TX products and this partnership facilitates both companies to focus on their future growth strategies in a complementary way.”

The Quicklink TX, which incorporates the Emmy award-winning Microsoft Skype TX engine, has also been awarded the Queen’s Award for Innovation in 2018.

The Quicklink TX Duo is reportedly the only 2 Call Skype TX hardware on the global market and offers an economic solution for expanding call capacity, the company claims.