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RFC announces increase in incentives for film and TV productions

As reported by Variety, the Royal Film Commission of Jordan is increasing its cash back rebate for film and TV productions from 20% to 25% after recently hosting Disney’s Aladdin, Star Wars IX, The Rise of Skywalker, and the Denis Villeneuve-directed Dune reboot.

Last week, the Jordanian capital of Amman’s Prime Cinemas multiplex hosted the Middle East premiere of Aladdin, paying tribute to the fact that the live-action Disney classic was partly shot in the kingdom’s Wadi Rum rock formations, in 2017, with some 150 Jordanian crew and extras working on the production.

Additionally, the RFC is increasing efforts to attract more productions and create an environment conducive to filmmakers within the region and beyond. Other than raising the cash-back rebate to 25%, they are increasing its cap to $2m and have negotiated competitive prices with the Jordanian army that is sometimes called to help with productions, as stated by Variety.

The report stated that the minimum spends to be eligible for cash rebate is currently $1m. However, the RFC are looking to reduce this to allow lower budget local films to benefit from the incentive.

The article also pointed out that in addition to this, the first edition of the Amman International Film Festival is set to launch from April 13-18 2020, with Palestinian filmmaker and festival organizer Hanna Atallah – founder and chief of FilmLab: Palestine – on board as Artistic Director and the RFC’s Nada Doumani set as Managing Director.

Jordan’s international fest will have an industry section run by Jordanian film producer and screenwriter Deema Azaar.