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Rohde & Schwarz to develop transmission network in Egypt

Rommer Balanon.

The Egyptian National Media Authority (ENMA) has signed up with Rohde & Schwarz to develop its transmission infrastructure ahead of the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations, to be held from June 21 to July 19.

The agreement will see Rohde & Schwarz provide 2KW transmitters to ENMA and set up the whole RF chain, including combiners, RF feeders, antennas and electrical subsystems. The equipment will include a THU9evo DVB-T2 transmitter, a Kathrein antenna, Spinner coaxial equipment and RFS for the main feeder.

Rommer Balanon, Bid Manager, Rohde & Schwarz Middle East & Africa, said: “The transmitters will be deployed at nine sites while antennas will be deployed at seven sites. This project will multiply later on, as this is just the beginning of the DVB-T2 network ENMA wants to build in Egypt.”