Hispasat announces latest business stats

Hispasat has announced some changes to its business model, according to José Antonio Guerra, the company’s head of commercial office and EMEA sales, says a Broadband TV News report.

Speaking during the opening presentation at the Hispasat Innovation Days in London, he said that after the end of the period 2019-2021, managed services will account for 20% of its business and new business models will be 16%. He also said that Hispasat currently has 10 satellites in seven orbital slots.

Silvia Gonzalez, Hispasat’s audiovisual services manager, EMEA, provided Hispasat data on Latin America and Europe. In Latin America, its DTH platforms are located at 61 degrees West, distribute 581 SD and 313 HD channels to a total of 4.2 million subscribers.

In Europe, on the other hand, it offers a total of 195 SD and 64 HD channels from the 30 degrees West orbital position to a total of 512,000 subscribers. However, the overwhelming majority are for Nos and Meo in Portugal, with Pantelio accounting for the remainder in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Hispasat has 10,136 headends and 54.3 million users in Latin America and 481 headends, with 9.5 million users and 700 cinemas in Europe. Also, over 1,000 cable operators access the services distributed by Hispasat.