Singtel promises security with CyphreLink

CyphreLink is a site-to-site network encryption solution.

Managed satellite solutions provider, Singtel Satellite will be at CABSAT to demonstrate the power of its hardware-based encryption service, CyphreLink, while seeking new business opportunities and networking with existing partners and customers in the MENA region.

CyphreLink is a site-to-site network encryption solution securing network connections between two or more sites. Military grade, hardware-based encryption appliances are deployed at each protected site.

It is an over-the-top network solution that secures data as it traverses all points of the network connecting your trusted sites — routers, switches, firewalls, data centers, hubs, teleports, and others. Unlike vulnerable software-based VPN solutions that pull heavily on network performance, CyphreLink offloads and accelerates encryption operations through a dedicated security engine.

“MENA is an important region for Signtel. We have established a satellite footprint that covers Asia, Middle East and Africa, serving industries such as agriculture, banking, hospitality, maritime and mining. For secure satellite connectivity, CyphreLink delivers unassailable encryption for data-in-transit. Thus, enterprises can conduct businesses without limitations and without threats, “the company told SatellitePro in a statement.