Tunisia’s Telnet launches satellite

Tunisia’s Telnet Group and Russian commercial launch provider GK Launch Services have signed a contract to launch Challenge One satellite on board a Russian Soyuz-2.1a launch vehicle integrated with the Fregat upper stage in 2020.

The signing ceremony was chaired by Mohamed Frikha, CEO of Telnet Group, and Alexander V Serkin, CEO of GK Launch Services, and was held at the Sfax Digital Research Centre in Tunisia.

Challenge One is a scientific research and innovation project offering new concepts in information technologies and their practical applications. The results of the Challenge One in-orbit operation will be used for building a future constellation of 30 communication satellites.

One year after the first announcement of the satellite project, Telnet presented the achievements of its designers during the first public in-lab demonstration of the Challenge One satellite.

An agreement on cooperation in the field of aerospace research and development between the Telnet Group and the Digital Research Centre of Sfax was also signed during the event.