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Sharjah Media Corp. expands audio archive

Sharjah Media Corporation expands audio archive.

Sharjah Media Corporation will work with SCISYS Deutschland GmbH (formerly VCS Aktiengesellschaft) to expand its audio archive and integrate it with its existing dira! radio system.

The new, extended audio archive will be completely integrated into the dira! workflow and will also facilitate future services such as “on-demand audio” available through web platforms.

The system will include 72TB storage in redundant configuration for more than 40,000 hours of audio and two archive-production workstations. It will seamlessly integrate into the radio production environment. A key criterion for the implementation of the archive extension is to provide maximum protection to Sharjah’s growing audio heritage.

The order follows the successful implementation of the dira! radio production and playout system at Sharjah Radio last summer.

Speaking about the deal, Dr. Khalid Al Midfa, director of Sharjah Radio and TV, stated: “Our experience with our recent dira! installation has been very good, so we are very confident that the important archive extension will be a success and will be delivered on time this summer and to budget.”