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Shure and Red Bull re-engineer audio at live events into musical tracks

Audio recording in progress by Shy One, UK.

Shure and Red Bull have announced a global partnership to re-engineer audio recorded at live events into a thrilling musical adventure. Last year, Shure worked with Red Bull to facilitate three producers with the MV88+ Video Kit to capture the audio from three of Red Bull’s sporting events. The ingeniously produced audio tracks are being called ‘Soundscapes.

Talking about the project with Red Bull, Paul Crognale, Manager of Global Marketing, Musician and Consumer Audio at Shure, said: “Sound at sporting events is often taken for granted, or viewed as an afterthought. However, when you think about it, footage from live sporting events would be nothing without audio—skaters weaving through a course at record speed, cheering crowds, the split-second swerves, kicks, grunts, jumps, and falls. These are the moments that make an experience truly exciting. The need for exceptional sound in sports is undeniable and challenging but we’re able to bring these experiences to life with the MV88+ Video Kit.”

The MV88+ Video Kit, Shure’s latest addition to its MOTIV™ line of digital microphones and portable recording solutions, was used by each producer to capture rich, high-quality audio. The producers leveraged the all-in-one solution to record professional-quality content on-the-go, transforming the three Red Bull events into more than just a visual spectacle. The MV88+ Video Kit includes a Manfrotto® PIXI tripod, phone clamp, and mount as well as iOS and USB-C cables for next-level compatibility and connectivity.

The three producers attended three of Red Bull’s sporting events across the globe to create three unique soundscapes using the MV88+ Video Kit. NTS Radio regular Anz kicked off at the Red Bull Hardline in Wales, South London producer/DJ Shy One recorded the soundscapes of race-planes hitting speeds of nearly 240 miles per hour, mixing them into a musical track. In Japan, Coconut Beats head HAAi recorded audio from the fastest sport on skates—Red Bull Crashed Ice. She captured split-second sounds as athletes dropped, hair pinned, and turned at speeds of up to 50 miles per hour.