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Spacetoon TV to boost ad revenues with new Egyptian agency

Spacetoon TV channel, a subsidiary company of Global New Age Media Group (GNAM), has partnered with Scene, an Egyptian advertising agency, in order to manage Spacetoon’s advertising sales in Egypt.

As a result of this partnership, companies, agencies and direct clients will have the opportunity to book advertisements on Spacetoon to promote their products, the release stated.

Commenting on the partnership, Ahmad Weiss, the Regional Manager of Spacetoon TV channel, said: “We are looking forward to cooperate with Scene agency in order to develop a new advertising strategy which allows direct clients and companies in Egypt to step into the world of Spacetoon and reach their target audience, by offering them the best deals and a great return on their investment. ”

This partnership comes in conjunction with new agreements between Spacetoon and companies such as Bandia, Sanrio and SEGA, in order to present new animation series such as Cocotama, Hello kitty, Sonic.

The channel reportedly reaches about 118 million viewers and has 10 different planets. The content for each planet is customised to attract a distinct audience category within the overall targeted segment of children between 2-15 years. Every hour of the day is dedicated to a planet according to viewing patterns and the age of the audience.

Muhammed Issam, the CEO of Scene advertising agency, said: “We are eager to work with different companies and agencies to help them get a benefit from the strength of Spacetoon’s brand through their marketing activities.”