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TCM rebranded as TNT Africa to appeal to younger male audiences

To kick off the rebrand, TNT has a line-up of programmes including "The Illusionist", "The Green Mile", "Crank", "Robin Hood", "Hellboy 2", "Doom", "Tango and Clash" and "Gladiator".

TCM has rebranded as TNT Africa with a new lineup of programmes tailored for African audiences. The release stated that the channel has moved away from its former global positioning in favour of a more bold and appealing positioning of the “American blockbuster channel”.

Commenting on the rebrand, Guillermo Farré, Head of General Entertainment for Turner in Southern Europe & Africa, said: “The TCM brand has had a strong classic association which doesn’t reflect the actual brand proposition, or deliver the right message, to our African audiences. Even though we have listened to our viewers and worked hard towards modernising the image of the channel, there was still a strong association of the TCM brand to ‘classic Hollywood silver screen productions. We therefore decided to switch TCM to TNT to fully reflect the new brand identity and perspective in line with our American blockbuster programming strategy.”

In South Africa, TNT Africa will inherit TCM’s audience of 6 753 545 viewers every month, consisting of a slightly male skew and a growing number of viewers in the 25-49 age range, particularly amongst black Africans.

To kick off the rebrand, TNT has a line-up of programmes including The Illusionist, The Green Mile, Crank, Robin Hood, Hellboy 2, Doom, Tango and Clash and Gladiator.