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Telstra launches intelligent device optimisation with Broadpeak

Telstra has partnered with CDN and video streaming solutions provider Broadpeak to launch the Intelligent Device Optimisation (IDO) solution.

IDO brings together Broadpeak’s umbrellaCDN technology and Telstra’s media-optimised network, combining the intelligence in mobile sporting apps and real-time network awareness to deliver a premium experience to end users. IDO enables content providers and telecommunications operators to maximise customer video performance in an end-to-end content delivery architecture by mediating network awareness and software intelligence.

With IDO, international mobile operators can ignite a range of media optimisations on their networks, such as LTE broadcast for live streaming events at scale and enable content streaming using the latest video-compression standard (HEVC) to deliver superior customer experiences.

Speaking about the launch, Andrew Phelagti, media networks principal at Telstra, said: “By partnering with Broadpeak, we have developed IDO, which allows the use of optimisation capabilities in our mobile network such as LTE broadcast and HEVC video to be dynamically orchestrated in real time. It’s a win for the customer video experience and a win for the telecommunication provider through network optimisation, helping to increase engagement for content providers’ video products.”

Jacques Le Mancq, CEO at Broadpeak, added: “Telstra and Broadpeak, via the introduction of IDO, can help international operators offer a differentiated content delivery model in an economically efficient way. IDO’s light touch enablement and rich feature set will allow operators to take full advantage of bandwidth efficiencies early and deliver better experiences. With device detection, we are proud to launch, along with Telstra, a device-centric solution to intelligently steer traffic for a better end-user video-quality experience and content-delivery savings for operators and content owners.”