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Thuraya holds roadshows for Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah Police Air Wings

Thuraya held meetings with senior officials from the Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah Police Air Wings to showcase a suite of satcom products and services. As the main MSS operator in the country, the company has worked with local law enforcement teams before and were pleased to present solutions for the departments’ upcoming plans to extend mobile services, patrolling activities and response operations. Thuraya also discussed recent advancements in M2M services that could facilitate IoT plans for enhanced civil defense capabilities.

Muhsen Al Kait, Business Development Manager at Thuraya who represented the company at the roadshows, says, “Part of our vision as a UAE-based company is to empower and add ease to any development initiative in the country, especially in regard to safety and security measures. We had a very positive response after meeting with senior enforcement officials from three different Emirates and look forward to further discussing how we can work together in their city-wide endeavours.”

Thuraya offers an array of advanced satellite-based land data and voice products, and has long been a trusted partner to several public sector satellite-based communication needs around the world. Broadband terminals such as the IP+ and IP Voyager are compact, ruggedised and deliver superior vehicular connectivity and secure communications-on-the-move. Similarly, satellite phones like the XT series of handsets provide steady voice coverage and navigational support in and out of terrestrial network areas, enabling a smooth, coordinated emergency response in any region.

The recent launch of Thuraya IP M2M furthers the company’s relationship with governments and civil defense groups, with its advanced capabilities for IoT connectivity in remote locations and its ability to support high throughput video surveillance applications and seismic sensors for surveillance and security requirements.

Clayton Vallabhan: