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TV licences awarded to Morocco-based Hit Radio seen as milestone for independent media

Younes Boumehdi started Hit Radio in 2006.

Morocco-based broadcasting group, Hit Radio, has acquired two audiovisual licenses that will allow the company to launch Télé Jeunesse and Télé Découverte shortly, as reported by nexttvafrica. The awarding of the licenses comes 12 years after the accreditation of Medi TV and 16 years after the law to end state monopoly over media was passed.

In 2002, a law was passed aimed to abolish the “State monopoly of broadcasting and television”.

Founded by communications and management graduate, Younes Boumehdi in 2006, Hit Radio started operations in Rabat as one of Morocco’s first independent radio stations.

The granting of television licences to Hit Radio is seen as a landmark by observers of the media landscape in Morocco since the awarding of a TV license to Medi1 TV in 2006.  Until 2010, Medi1 TV broadcast exclusively on satellite, before joining the analogue terrestrial network, after complaining to the regulator. The main television stations in the kingdom, apart from those owned by the government, have acquired licenses abroad and are distributed on satellite.