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Nayla Al Khaja’s film accredited for Cannes Producers’ Network

Nayla Al Khaja.

UAE filmmaker Nayla Al Khaja got  accredited to present her first feature film project ‘Animal’ at the ‘Producers Network’ platform during the 2018 Cannes Film Festival in France.

Cannes Producers Network offered five complementary accreditations to the following producers Haider Rashid for ‘Europa’, Willy Rolle for ‘The Syrians’, Jessica Landt for ‘I Dreamt of An Empire’, Nayla Al Khaja for ‘Animal’ and Anissa Daoud for ‘God Bless Buddies.’

From 8 to 10 December 2017, at the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF 2017), Nayla Al Khaja along with other hopefuls attended the Dubai Film Connection (DFC) – the co-production market of DIFF, to present their feature films. DFC is a platform allowing filmmakers from all over the Arab world to acquire supportive funding and partnership opportunities, and helping them to share their stories with international audiences.

This year, at the closing of DFC, the aforementioned filmmakers were offered the prestigious accreditation to attend the Producers Network (CPN), a networking platform for film professionals.

Commenting on the award, Nayla Al Khaja stated that this was a fantastic opportunity to represent the United Arab Emirates in an international platform, while networking with professionals from across the globe: co-producers, sales agents, distributors and film funds representatives.