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UBMS hosts acoustics workshop in Dubai

The EZ Acoustics workshop in progress.

United Broadcast & Media Solutions (UBMS) hosted a one-day acoustic workshop on July 19th at the UBMS Training Academy. The workshop was conducted by Marc Viadiu, Managing Director and owner of EZ Acoustics. UBMS recently signed an exclusive deal with the Spanish manufacture to distribute its complete portfolio of acoustic products in the GCC. The distributorship covers the entire GCC region except Oman.

Attended by 20 professionals including sound engineers, broadcast specialists and producers, the workshop took the attendees through acoustic design and the fundamentals of acoustics. It also covered modern acoustics in broadcast facilities and recording studios design and the guidelines and approach for acoustically treating studios and concert halls. Acoustics play a major role in the success of any musical performance, whether it’s in a recording studio, concert hall, or outdoors.

The workshop also introduced the fundamentals of audio engineering, audio, spectral analysis and harmonic series, vibrations and resonance, the science behind musical instruments, the human voice, hearing perception and concert hall acoustics. Viadiu gave an overview of digital sound editing as a tool for understanding waveforms and spectral analysis. This was followed by a question and answer session.