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Vizrt launches new global sports unit with new appointments

Dr Stephan W Stadler.

Vizrt has announced that they have created a Global Sports unit to further strengthen focus on sports. The new region will be headed by Dr Stephan W Stadler, previously Chief Product Officer at Vizrt, as newly appointed President, Global Sports, and he will continue to report directly to the CEO.

Speaking about the launch, Michael Hallén, CEO of Vizrt said: “Creating a separate team with specialised skillset focusing on the sports business follows recent years successful growth and will drive Vizrt’s expansion in sports even further. Who better to lead than Stephan, whose passion and knowledge about the sports broadcasting industry is unsurpassed.”

Global Sports will lead all business worldwide with sports broadcasters, sports teams and federations, e-sports, and sports venues. It will sit alongside the other business regions of EMEA, APAC and Americas of Vizrt.

Dr Stephan W Stadler, President, Global Sports, Vizrt, said: “The dedicated team will combine commercial sports and product excellence to even better support our worldwide client base in sports, which includes customers such as Star India, BBC Sports and Fox Sports. Already the team intrinsically understand the needs and requirements of our sports customers and we believe that increased focus and a dedicated team with industry knowledge will be able to accelerate growth significantly.”

Regional sports sales will fall under the leadership of regional Heads of Sport – for AMECS: Kevin Bovet, EMEA: Thomas Nelson, APAC: Ross Munro – who are growing the sales and pre-sales teams in their regions.

The growing virtual advertisement business will also fall under the Global Sports team’s responsibility, with Vizrt’s image-based perimeter board replacement solution, Viz Eclipse, driving innovation.

The fast-growing global business of eSports will also be another focus for the team. With clients such as Riot Games and Tencent, Vizrt has been considered a strong partner for this industry and with its rapid expansion the team have appointed Ramon Ramos as Vizrt’s Global Head of eSports to take on the challenge.