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“Yomeddin” is Egypt’s first indie feature at Cannes film festival

Abu Bakr Shawky’s first feature film Yomeddin is the first independent Egyptian full-length film to be part of the Cannes International Film Festival.

Yomeddin tells the coming-of-age tale of lifetime leprosarium inhabitant, Beshay (Rady Gamal). Accompanied by his orphaned companion Shika (Ahmed Abdelhafiz), Beshay sets out into the outside world in search of his kin; the same kin who left him at the leprosarium when he was just a child, as well as those of young Shika. Through a series of emotionally gripping and comedic events, the two venture into experiences hitherto unknown with just their donkey cart and a healthy helping of hope.

Shawky and his wife and co-producer Dina Emam, funded the film through Kickstarter, achieving $22,254 of their original $20,000 goal, and the film gained recognition at both NYU’s Purple List as well as Abu Dhabi Film Festival’s SANAD Fund.