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YouTube to discontinue paid channels

YouTube has announced the end of paid channels, which were launched in 2013 as one of the site’s first attempts at charging for content.

The facility let people pay a monthly fee to access individual YouTube channels from providers such as National Geographic and Sesame Street.

The service, however, was not popular with viewers and will end in December. Videomakers, who presently host their videos on a paid subscription-only channel, will have the option of hiding them or making them available free.

The closure does not affect YouTube Red, the website’s own subscription service, which offers exclusive programmes and removes advertisements from YouTube. It is presently available only in the United States.

The ‘patronge’ model is  one way  YouTube is now exploring to replace paid channels . The site began testing sponsorships with select YouTube Gaming creators in 2015, and is now making this additional revenue stream available to all of YouTube Gaming. Users may sponsor a creator for a minimal fee and, in return, receive custom chat badges and emojis as well as access to sponsor-only chats.