Cross-screen monetisation through hybrid models: Predictions for 2019

David Spencer of FreeWheel predicts shifts towards de-siloing which will allow marketers to buy inventory in a simplified manner, among other predictions for 2019. We invite your predictions for 2019.
David Spencer, Commercial Director MENA, FreeWheel.

New year is a time for new beginnings and infusing new energy to existing ideas. 2019 heralds a new chapter for the broadcast industry in the MENA region and is expected to break new grounds.

David Spencer, Commercial Director MENA, FreeWheel, offers his predictions:

“As MENA’s TV environment becomes increasingly diverse, there is a growing need for more unified delivery and advertising to optimise experiences and efficiency. Digital is taking a larger share of attention — currently accounting for 31% of regional viewing  — but for consumers it’s one element of the wider TV mix: set top box (STB), video on-demand (VOD), and over-the-top (OTT) services sit alongside linear, and are accessed interchangeably. As a result, there are rising expectations of consistency and convenience, and meeting them will be a major focus for broadcasters in 2019.

“Specifically, we can expect shifts towards de-siloing which will allow marketers to buy inventory in a simplified manner. Within organisations, the traditionally separate digital and linear teams ought to combine to integrate content management, and recognition of the potential for programmatic to drive incremental value will also keeping rising — as will adoption.

“At a wider level, attention will turn to simplifying cross-screen monetisation through hybrid models. In particular, we will begin to see more unions forming between subscription and advertising platforms, as providers seek to reduce churn rates, and expand audiences and revenue. And although addressable TV won’t yet arrive in MENA, mounting interest will power innovation and collaboration that bring precise household-level ad targeting closer to becoming a reality.”

Looking ahead, what do you believe are the revenue-generators and audience-pullers for the broadcast industry in 2019? We invite your comments and predictions.