Lewis Kirkaldie of Cinegy on emerging trends in the industry

Lewis Kirkaldie

Lewis Kirkaldie, Head of Product Management, Cinegy, comments on the emerging technological trends in the industry.

IP and AI to take centre stage

It’s got to be IP. UHd is engrained now. It’s real. IP is the new kid on the block that still has some to travel to be matchfit and be fully accepted in the neighbourhood. Is SMPTe 2110 going to be a panacea, or is it going to be the starting position?

All that buzz around AI

There will probably be a buzz about new products emerging around AI, but it won’t necessarily amount to much more than a relatively short-term fizz before they fade into the background as useful but non-essential. It will be interesting to see just how that emerges, and how long of a tail it has.

A load of IP-ready software and hardware will emerge. These will hinge on the success and acceptance of SMTPe 2110, which itself depends on a lot of other technologies to make it useful. It is better than SMPTe 2022-6, but at present SMPTe 2110 opens up a range of security issues that are outside its purview, and that’s problematic for emerging products that are counting on it.