Louis Hernandez, Jr, of Avid on leveraging the cloud

Louis Hernandez, Jr,
Chairman & CEO, Avid

Media organisations are looking to capitalise on the efficiency, agility, flexibility and scalability that the cloud facilitates.

Video over IP – creating a unified IP environment is key to making high-quality, high-speed video distribution over an IP network possible and reliable.

Immersive experiences – popular sports broadcasts are increasingly employing virtual and augmented reality to make viewer experiences more immersive, while filmmakers are enhancing the cinema viewing experience with immersive audio.

Multiplatform distribution – more media organisations are aggressively pursuing low-cost ways to reach audiences through social, digital and oTT platforms. The continuing rise of 4K – with companies like netflix and Amazon producing 4K content, this high-res media format is firmly taking hold. Content protection and system security – content protection and system security are more critical than ever, particularly as the industry embraces open platforms and cloud-based workflows.

The inaugural Avid Customer Association (ACA) Vote, which gave Avid’s customer community an opportunity to directly influence Avid’s future offerings, revealed that the vast majority of media professionals (71.7%) are considering moving some part of their infrastructure or workflow to the cloud over the next two years. But just 4.8% are considering moving their entire infrastructure and workflow to the cloud. one of the growing debates among media organisations will be when and how to migrate to the cloud.

That’s why Avid is leading the media industry’s ability to migrate media production to the cloud, at their own pace and in the way that best suits their operational realities. We’re giving media organisations the complete flexibility to create, distribute and monetise their content using the deployment type that works best for them – on-premises, private data centre, public cloud or hybrid.

Many of our latest innovations are all about leveraging the cloud, because extending media production to the cloud – in the way that best suits your operational realities – opens the opportunity to both increase production capacity and ease the financial burden on content creation and distribution.