See you at the BroadcastPro Summit and Awards on November 14

Success! How do you measure it? The news scoop is a hard-won measure of success in an industry that shifts between press embargoes and the bland press release for all and sundry. A healthy bottom line is another measure of success. It is no mean feat when salaries are paid on time at a juncture when redundancies are the order of the day.

Success, however, I believe goes far beyond that and a critical example of it came to mind when I had a call at 10pm from a neighbouring GCC country asking me to recommend a consultant for one of their projects.

Over the last seven years at BroadcastPro, I have had various requests – from helping to identify senior level executives for new regional roles and recommending consultants or SIs to helping broadcasters host conferences similar to ours and providing timely news on various digital platforms.

The trust and camaraderie that we share with the industry speaks volumes about the respect and recognition we have received in the industry.

We have taken this a step further by creating a number of free-to attend events such as our anniversary parties, our golf days, and our summit and awards to give industry professionals the opportunity to network and connect with each other.

In essence, BroadcastPro ME has gone beyond the call of its editorial duty to build a more intimate broadcast fraternity, and genuinely connect industry professionals to support their business objectives. For me, this is the highest measure of success and what better way to celebrate it than at our seventh edition of the ASBU BroadcastPro Selevision Summit and Awards.

See you on November 14th at Habtoor Grand and keep those calls coming.

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