Adder Technology to launch ALIF4000 at BroadcastAsia

Adder Technology will unveil the ALIF4000 at BroadcastAsia, reportedly the world’s first dual-head high-performance 4K IP KVM matrix over a single fiber connection. Delivering pixel-perfect picture quality, audio and USB to single or dual 4K screens, the ALIF4000 is designed for the broadcast industry, in particular VFX, post-production and colour grading applications, as well as air traffic control and healthcare organisations.

Whilst the consumer demand for 4K content is rising, many content creators have hesitated before investing in 4K-ready KVM technology. Traditional chassis-based solutions can be cumbersome and complex, and often require costly hardware upgrades or swap outs to support just one 4K signal. Most customers only require a small percentage of their users to work at 4K all of the time, and therefore the return on investment does not balance.

The ADDERLink INFINITY 4000 Series (ALIF4000) is reportedly fully compatible with the existing ADDERLink INFINITY range which means it can be phased into an existing network without disruption, downtime or the costly need to rip and replace. By introducing the ALIF4000, customers can add 4K functionality into their infrastructure, at a time that is right for them and their business.

In a press statement for ConnecTechAsia, Adder said: “The 8K movement is very exciting and we are looking forward to seeing how it progresses. The number of top tier brands introducing 8K models is increasing, and AI’s ability to upscale lower resolution content is making the technology more accessible. The 2020 Tokyo Olympics is being broadcast in 8K which shows how fast technology is moving. We are sure that the consumer market will rapidly begin to adopt 8K when the technology becomes more affordable and available. Watch this space!”

 Alongside the ALIF4000, Adder will demonstrate the new ADDERLink ipeps+ and the world’s smallest IP KVM transmitter, the ADDERLink INFINITY 100T (ALIF100T) Series.

The ALIF100T is a space-saving transmitter designed for small server rooms or compact production environments and seamlessly integrates with the rest of the ADDERLink INFINITY range.