AJA debuts new solutions for developer partners

corvid_44_features_1xAJA Video Systems has announced the addition of the Corvid HB-R, Corvid 44 BNC and fanless versions of its Corvid 44 and Corvid 88 cards to its family of Developer Program solutions. The company also unveiled support for Corvid HB-R and Corvid HEVC on standard Linux drivers, which will enable developer partners to rapidly build and deploy solutions for an expanded range of environments without the use of AJA’s SDK.

Corvid HB-R is a PCIe card with an HDBaseT input that supports HDBaseT devices seamlessly including AJA’s new RovoCam compact UltraHD/HD block camera. Designed for desktops and servers, the 4-lane PCIe 2.0 card offers an HDBaseT input; support for 8 channel embedded audio and 2 channel discrete RovoCam microphone audio; one USB for firmware updates and additional control; VISCA camera control; and an HDMI output for local monitoring. Corvid HB-R can also supply up to 12 watts of power to the connected HDBaseT device via “Power over HDBaseT.”

Corvid 44 BNC offers all the core functionality of AJA’s flexible Corvid 44 multi-format I/O card, adding full size BNC connectors for implementations that require the common BNC connector size. Feature highlights include: an 8-lane PCIe 2.0 card; up to four independent channels (3G-SDI, I/O); support for 4K/UltraHD/2K/HD/SD video; HFR support; 8/10-bit YCbCr and 12-bit RGB frame buffer formats; two independent Mixer/Keyer Widgets; four independent 16-ch 48kH SDI embedded audio I/O engines; and analog color black or HD tri-level sync.

For environments requiring noiseless solutions, AJA has simultaneously introduced fanless versions of its Corvid 44 I/O card and Corvid 88 high-density, multi-stream, multi-format PCIe I/O card.

“We’ve been working closely with developer partners to ensure our solutions meet the diverse needs of the applications they’re producing for customers, and these new cards, along with our support of V4L2 and GStreamer drivers, are a direct reflection of those efforts,” said AJA Video Systems President Nick Rashby.

Software Support

AJA is also enabling professional video I/O for developer partners creating Linux-based applications with the Video for Linux Two (V4L2) API via V4L2 driver support for the Corvid HB-R, and the GStreamer multimedia framework via GStreamer driver support for Corvid HEVC, with additional developer cards to be supported in the future.