Appear to offer full spectrum of encoding codecs at NAB

Appear will demonstrate the spectrum of encoding codecs available within its X10/20 Platform for the first time at NAB 2018. The updated ultra-low latency encoding includes TICO, JPEG2000 and HEVC all within a single chassis. This full spectrum of codecs reportedly covers the gamut for bitrate and latency applications from distribution to contribution compression, supplying operators with a range of compression capabilities for the broadcast chain.

The modes reportedly achieve latency of less than 5ms with TICO, 200ms with JPEG2000 and 160ms with HEVC. Compression ratio options cover the spectrum; 1:1 uncompressed, ~1:4 with TICO, ~1:10 with JPEG2000 and <1:1000 with HEVC. The operator is free to define, the company claims, the optimal codec/network tradeoff – from high capacity fibre to satellite.

“Achieving ultra-low latency within one compact frame with routing capabilities puts us in the unique position of supplying our customers with a single solution for accessing universal compression capabilities,” stated Carl Walter Holst, CEO of Appear. “We can now offer advanced, ultra-low latency compression from contribution through distribution, while still maintaining high-quality video delivery.”