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Belden introduces Duobond Plus HD digital video cables

Belden Inc. has extended its range of coaxial digital video cables and connectors in the EMEA region by introducing the Broadcast industry’s first HD Digital Video cables with improved Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) performance for increased uptime and signal integrity.

Duobond Plus HD Digital Video cables are able to deliver SD, HD and 3G video with guaranteed signal integrity over longer transmission distances, helping to save both installation time and costs.

New Belden Duobond Plus cables offer all the benefits of the regular Belden HD Digital Video cables with the additional feature of improved EMC performance, providing the end user with extra confidence of the signal integrity when using these cables at data rates of 3GB/s.

Duobond Plus is a Belden innovation in which an outer layer of foil features a unique shorting fold which creates the effect of a solid metal conduit. This shorting fold provides metal-to-metal contact, which improves the high frequency performance of the cable. This fold prevents a slot opening from being created in the shield, thereby preventing signal egress or ingress. This outer foil is bonded to the jacket, making stripping and connectorizing easier.

Introducing the new cables, Theo van Rijn product manager Belden Europe, said that Belden Duobond Plus HD Digital Video cables set a new standard.

“Their superior performance delivers a flawless signal without the risk of electromagnetic interference, while at the same time reducing service and maintenance costs and lowering the total cost of ownership.”

Theo van Rijn added: “Like all Belden‘s HD coaxial cables, they provide excellent picture quality over extended transmission distances and improve system uptime, with guaranteed Return Loss performance.”

The cables are physically robust, which helps to extend their life and protect return on investment, while at the same time supporting future growth plans. Used with Belden 1-piece HD compression connectors on both ends of the cable, they require simple connectivity, thus they are easy to install, saving installation time and costs. They substantially improve system uptime with Belden Installable Performance, an advantage that ensures consistently high performance both before and after the installation.