Crystal previews Safire

Crystal Vision will be previewing its new real-time chroma keyer, Safire 3 at IBC with a significant increase in performance and features making it ideal for all live virtual productions, from studio to sport.

The enhanced chroma keying uses an extremely sophisticated algorithm, giving excellent results with minimal sensitivity to camera noise.

New key processing features including shaping and softening of edges, key noise reduction, colour spill processing and two-dimensional compensation for uneven illumination of the backdrop all combine to create a realistic key. Working with 3Gb/s, HD and SD sources, Safire 3 makes it easy to set up a realistic chroma key and can use multiple points on the backdrop as well as on the foreground object to automatically set up the optimised processing.

It includes foreground colour correction to help create a natural-looking composite picture as well as up to ten frames of foreground delay adjustment for offsetting the delay caused by the graphics generators. Safire 3 forms part of a space-saving modular system, with this single height 100mm x 266mm module allowing up to 12 chroma keyers in 2U alongside any Crystal Vision interface products.