Full-gamut offer from Cineo Lighting at IBC

Cineo Lighting, a manufacturer of lighting systems for the motion picture, television and broadcast industries, has announced the premiering of the Standard 410 (S410),  at IBC 2017.

With a 25,000-lumen output in a chassis reportedly weighing under 27 lbs. (12kg.), the new S410 rounds out the range of Cineo fixtures, as per the release, that provide full-gamut light.

With a 1’x2′ (30cm x 60cm) diffused illuminating surface, this new fixture is reportedly suited for lighting talent, sets and creating saturated colour effects. The Standard 410 reportedly harnesses Cineo’s phosphor-based, tunable white light in combination with a RGB lighting system to provide a range of lighting options. The four-channel interface provides, according to an official release, control locally, using the system’s graphical control panel, through traditional wired DMX or with the Integrated LumenRadio CRMX bi-directional wireless DMX/RDM control.

“At Cineo, we’re constantly innovating next-generation professional lighting tools with superior quality output,” said Rich Pierceall, CEO, Cineo Lighting. He added: “The Standard 410 delivers our advanced saturated colour lighting technology, combined with our trademark high-CRI tunable white light in a compact size. The result is predictable, balanced, natural-looking spectrum, featuring Cineo’s deep-red colour rendering technology.”