Miranda comes out to play at IBC

Miranda Technologies will launch iTX Playout Appliance, a hardware foundation for Miranda’s advanced iTX automated playout platform.

The Miranda iTX Playout Appliance is a robust, 1RU hardware device that provides existing and prospective iTX customers the convenience of a single call solution for software, hardware and support, with a choice of the new iTX appliance or an HP self-provisioned server. It simplifies ordering, installation and deployment of an iTX automated playout system.

Jason Rogers, senior vice president of workflow and playout at Miranda, said: “The introduction of iTX Playout Appliance demonstrates our firm commitment to deliver value through continuous improvement of our product portfolio. Its benefit as a solid and reliable foundation for iTX software is matched by its convenience as a device available with iTX pre-installed, or as an easily configured on-site pairing with an existing iTX software framework.”

The iTX Playout Appliance is available in single or dual-channel configurations. It supports standard iTX channel packages and optional plug-ins, powerful real-time graphics, embedded DolbyD and E processing and ANC data such as captions, watermarking and SCTE 104 messaging.

Other benefits include fault-tolerant RAID 10 disk storage, a fast loading, performance enhancing solid-state system drive and dual, user-replaceable power supplies.

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