Ross Video to focus on customer choice at BroadcastAsia 2018

According to Andrew Tan, Ross Video’s Director of Sales for APAC, there is an increasingly visible disconnect in the industry between what vendors want to sell, and what customers need to buy.
Andrew Tan, Ross Video’s Director of Sales for APAC.

Following the NAB convention in Las Vegas and the KOBA Show in Seoul, South Korea, Ross Video now heads to the Broadcast Asia event with a host of new products and a focus on customer choice.

According to Andrew Tan, Ross Video’s Director of Sales for APAC, there is an increasingly visible disconnect in the industry between what vendors want to sell, and what customers need to buy.

“Too many vendors are emphasising all-IP-based workflows at present because it suits them, whereas in truth IP is not always the right or most appropriate choice for a customer. Ross continues to invest in new products in the SDI and 12G domains because we understand that many customers are looking for accessible and relatively straightforward upgrade paths that do not requite a wholesale change of infrastructure or legacy hardware. Of course, we have solutions for customers who are ready to make the jump to IP now, and we’re very happy to help those customers achieve the efficiency benefits that IP can bring, but IP isn’t the only way to achieve efficiency. We know that a great many customers around the region are not yet ready to take that step – these customers need to know that they have other options, that migration to IP is not obligatory and that obsolescence should not be a concern.”

Over the last 12 months Ross has focussed on Software Defined Production (SDP), a production philosophy that advocates content creators using whatever transport method is most appropriate for the specific project at hand. Jeff Moore, Ross Video’s Executive Vice President and CMO, believes SDP represents the best of Ross. “As a framework, SDP is pragmatic and customer-focused. It allows customers to migrate towards IP in stages through software-enabled and gateway products. It also recognises that customers have many ongoing creative, technical and business challenges that IP cannot solve. We dislike the idea of customers being orphaned or left-behind so we want to offer the broadest possible range of solutions, giving customers choices rather than forcing them down one single path.”

Broadcast Asia will see a variety of Ross products on show, including company’s flagship Acuity production switcher and XPression real-time graphics platform. In addition, Ross will be demonstrating a number of its latest product launches, including the Ultrix-FR5, the latest 5RU version of the disruptive routing/AV processing platform. Ultrix FR-5 offers audio/video routing, clean/quiet switching on every output, audio embedding/de-embedding, discrete audio via MADI I/O, input frame synchronizers, UHD gearboxing and up to 24 independent MultiViewers, each capable of supporting up to 100 unique PIPs per head, all unified in one single chassis.

Other products include XPression Tessera, the engine that allows you to scale broadcast video and populate massive displays and video walls of any shape or size.

Carbonite Mosaic, a brand new compositing tool will be showcased that can reportedly output a canvas size of more than 20 million pixels.

Other products include the Abekas Mira replay server and AirCleaner profanity delay system and a new flypack based on the integrated Graphite all-in-one production vehicle, suited for OB and mobile production use

Tan added: “APAC is a very diverse region that is home to a kaleidoscope of customers, and that always makes for a vibrant event. We’re bringing some very positive messages to the market and we’ve got great solutions for almost every kind of content creator, so I’m sure we’ll be busier than ever!”

Ross Video will be on level 4, booth 4K2-01 during the BroadcastAsia event.