Senna LED lighting systems now available in UAE

Senna Innovation Factory provides complete lighting support solutions for the TV, film, and broadcast sectors.

Croatian company Senna Innovation Factory will be bringing demo units of their complete LED, lighting systems with full wireless control to the UAE.

Senna’s product portfolio provides complete lighting support solutions for the TV, film, and broadcast.

The company’s LightStation system is made up of four LED panels controlled with a wireless control plate or through a smartphone app.

The remote settings include dimmer and temperature regulation.

The lighting system stores 6 different light scenes that can be recalled at any point by simply pressing a button.

Additionally, the fade speed control between light scenes is adjustable. Strobe and chasing lights, with adjustable speed are available.

The LightStation app for the smartphone or tab, allows users to make a variety of light scenes. Users can store different playlists of scenes which you can load any time. The scenes and playlists remain stored even when you turn off the system. The App allows users to give different names to the scenes and playlists, to set fading between them or add strobe and chasing light effects.

The LightStation classifies as a modular system, meaning that one channel can control 1 LED panel or endless number of panels depending on users’ requirements.

The system runs on batteries hence it is employable outdoors, or on mains power.

Additional features of the LightStation include fade control between the scenes (0-100%) , strobe and chasing lights – adjustable speed, flicker-free bulbs, 2000 lux (per panel), bicolour (3200k-5600k) or daylight (5600k) bulbs, cri -95+, beam angle – 75°.

LightStation set includes, a control plate, 4 LED panels (672 LED bulbs each), 4 stands (1 boom stand (0-5m); 1 small stand 0,5m-2,1m; 2 big stands 1m-2,6m), stand bag (for 4 stands), 4 white diffusors, 6 color filters, 4 different honeycomb grids (7°, 15°, 20°, 45°), 8 batteries (2 batteries per panel), 4 battery chargers, and a flight case.