Tag - Alistair Rankine


Mocha Tracker

Mocha has become the industry standard for motion tracking and rotoscoping but does the new version live up to its reputation, investigates Alistair Rankine...


Rekindling the Flame

With the arrival of the 2015 version of Flame, Autodesk seems to have brought the software back on track, says Alistair Rankine. He gives us the lowdown on how...


DaVinci Resolve 10

Alistair Rankine takes an in-depth look at DaVinci Resolve 10 to find out how the software has evolved into an affordable editing and finishing tool It has...


Adobe CS6

The CS6 was released in the Middle East a few months ago. BroadcastPro Middle East teamed up with Dubai-based editor Alistair Rankine to test the CS6 and see...

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