The last time I went to Al Jazeera was four years ago. The people at the top were different and the workplace had a different ambience.

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ASBU celebrates Arab radio and film

The Arab Radio and TV Festival, organised by the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU), has evolved significantly in the last few years. The 17th edition reflected some interesting trends in the North African market. In an exclusive interview with BroadcastPro Middle East, Abdelrahim Suleiman...


Arabsat launches TV Everywhere with Globecast

Arabsat and Globecast have announced the launch of Arabsat TV Everywhere, a new multi-platform OTT TV service with live streams of the best Arabic channels. Powered by Globecast’s OTT Live solution, Arabsat TV Everywhere is an expansion of the already popular Global Arabic Bouquet (GAB), a grouping...


All roads lead to ASBU BroadcastPro ME Summit and Awards

One of the big puzzles that most of the older broadcasters have not been able to solve successfully is the archiving challenge. Tons of tape lying in the warehouse can be digitised. But what next? Hire people to sit and listen to those tapes for months on end and transcribe them? How many months or...